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Indonesia: The Magical Island of Sumba

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to visit the island of Sumba in Indonesia, an unexplored and authentic place that took my breath away.

The island is only an hour and a half flight from Bali airport. Arriving at the hotel in Sumba was quite an adventure, and I don’t think you realize how remote it is until you visit and discover this true Indonesian paradise.

Campos de arroz Indonesia

Sumba Island

The experience in Sumba goes beyond just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun and sea, as we also had the opportunity to make exciting excursions into the interior of the island.

A prime example was our visit to Waikuri Lagoon, a crystal clear lagoon by the sea. To get there, we ventured out on the
provided by the hotel, and the ride to the site was truly special. On the road, we seldom cross paths with people. It was just us, the bikes and the amazing nature around us. An incomparable experience!

We stayed at Cap Karoso, a spectacular hotel. With its 3 restaurant options, of high gastronomic quality, this is a new, modern accommodation with excellent service.

Its remote location offered views of incredible scenery around every corner, so much so that I was lucky enough to witness one of the best sunsets of my life. The hotel faces the sea and its beachfront area is surrounded by coral that forms a lagoon in the evenings; a lagoon that becomes a spectacular reflection making the sunset even more special.

NIHI Sumba

We continue our trip until we reach NIHI Sumba. The hotel is more than a hotel in itself, it is an experience in capital letters; luxury and nature go hand in hand to welcome travelers.

Here, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal based on the catch of the day, all by the seashore. Besides, luck was on our side, because we were able to see their magnificent and well-known horses riding along the beach. Freedom in its purest essence!

caballos en la playa en el hotel nihi sumba

Unique experiences in Indonesia

One of the highlights of our trip was enjoying a private picnic, organized exclusively to witness the sunset in an incomparable location.

Arriving at this remote place, we were surprised to come across buffalo, horses, goats and an exuberant natural environment.

We ventured out on foot to discover a very special picnic corner, where we indulged our senses with drinks and delicious snacks. I still seem to watch the sun fade into the sea in a unique natural spectacle.

What not to miss?

One experience you certainly can’t miss is exploring the waterfalls in the heart of the island. My favorite was the Lapopu waterfall, a marvel of light blue tones that welcomed us, with the good fortune of enjoying it without the presence of any other person during our visit. This encapsulates the special essence of Sumba: the possibility of exploring incredible places in complete solitude.

Another of my recommendations is to keep an eye out for the water buffalo crossing. At certain times of the day, locals cross with their buffaloes along the shore of the beach. This phenomenon is not only an interesting visual spectacle, but also provides an insight into the daily life and traditional practices of the Sumbanese community. Buffaloes are significant animals in their culture and are used in important ceremonies and events. It is an opportunity to appreciate the special relationship that exists between the community and these majestic animals.

Finally, having the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic local village and learn about their religion, traditions and culture is definitely a must on your trip to Indonesia. A transforming experience that you will undoubtedly take with you when you return.

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