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Discovering the Enchantment of Saudi Arabia at Six Senses Southern Dunes

November 1 marks the beginning of a new era in luxury regenerative tourism in Saudi Arabia with the opening of the new Six Senses Southern Dunes luxury accommodation, The Red Sea.

This exceptional enclave is part of the ambitious Red Sea Development Project on the west coast of the country. It is more than a haven of serenity; it is a tribute to authenticity, Saudi hospitality and the richness of Islamic culture. Here, the landscapes are spectacular: volcanic craters, desert dunes and archaeological jewels, all tellers of ancestral stories.

Six Senses Southern Dunes
life takes on a new dimension. The architecture and every detail reflect the Bedouin heritage, offering a unique experience. The connection with nature is palpable, and each sunset becomes a poem that only the desert can compose. This is a trip where every moment becomes an adventure in the beauty of the region, from the intimacy of your accommodation to the wonders of the surrounding culture.

Refuge in the Dunes: Rooms and Villas Inspired by Nature

At the heart of this oasis are the rooms and villas of Six Senses Southern Dunes. Each one of them, an authentic reflection of the essence of the desert and the local culture.

36 rooms and suites and 40 pool villas are strategically placed to offer a unique experience. Inspired by the dunes, they feature undulating roofs that create a unique setting, and the interiors reflect the warm tones of the desert and the rich color palette of Bedouin dress.

Top lodging:
Specifically, the 250 m² Retreat and Sunset Retreat villas are carefully designed to offer ample spaces and the perfect atmosphere to relax; from doing yoga, enjoying breakfast or admiring the magnificent view of the desert dunes and mountain peaks, they promise an incomparable experience.

Vistas Six Senses Dunes Arabia Saudita

Desert Delights: Local Flavors at Six Senses Southern Dunes

At Six Senses Southern Dunes, the “Eating with the Six Senses” philosophy becomes a delicious reality. Every bite is a fusion of the region’s rich culinary culture and fresh, locally grown ingredients.

With three restaurants, a Cooking School and a private Chef’s Table – in addition to the patisserie and Gelato Pod – we will experience an unforgettable gastronomic journey, with carefully crafted menus and unique culinary experiences in and around the spectacular resort.

Green Commitment: Sustainability at its Best

In this sustainable lodging, harmony with nature is a fundamental pillar, and that is why Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea stands as a benchmark for regenerative tourism in action.

Aiming to become the first LEED Platinum resort in Saudi Arabia, all electricity powering its facilities comes from solar energy, allowing guests to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation without worrying about its impact on the environment. In addition, the architecture is carefully designed to maximize natural light and minimize energy needs.

Fully aware of the preservation of the planet and its resources, this commitment is reflected in all aspects of the site, from the thermal energy storage system to the electric vehicles and intelligent control and automation systems.

Piscina Hotel Six Senses Dunes Arabia Saudita

Unique Experiences: Immersing in the Culture of the Red Sea Region Red Sea Region

Sadu fabric

Discover the fascinating world of weaving
an ancient craft that has been preserved and passed down from generation to generation by Bedouin women in the Gulf countries.

Using a traditional loom to create complex and intricate geometric patterns in their weavings, these women create unique pieces that we will have the privilege of acquiring as an incomparable souvenir of our journey.

Escape to the Sanctuary

Step into a world of wellness at the Six Senses Spa, a sanctuary of serenity that embraces the essences of the dunes and the soothing tones of the sand in its 3,974 square meters.

In its two-story design, the upper floor will welcome us with a modern gym, a spinning studio and a fitness suite where yoga blends with the golden beauty of the surroundings, freeing us from everyday life. Descending to the lower floor, we will be enveloped by the treatment rooms and the wet area, where the refreshing waters create a harmonious contrast with the warm climate.

The Holistic Anti-Aging Center and beauty rituals will provide a true refuge, while Arabian fragrances guide us on a sensory journey evocative of the ancient tradition of incense. In this place, each wellness experience is a dance with nature, a melody that connects you with your essence and transports you to a universe of relaxation and rejuvenation.

We custom design the trip of your dreams at the Six Senses Southern Dunes Hotel, The Red Sea.

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