La Paz México Baja California Sur

Discover the magic of La Paz: NUBA Event at Huakal

Today we celebrate World Tourism Day, dedicated to recognizing the transformative power of travel and exploring our exciting world.

During this NUBA Event, the attendees were immersed in the essence of
La Paz
a destination that harmonizes nature, history and culture in an exceptional experience. The city stands as the capital of Baja California Sur, enriched by the majesty of the Sea of Cortez and the serenity of the desert. Only 2 hours from Los Cabos, La Paz unfolds an amazing natural environment that encompasses imposing mountains, deserts and paradisiacal beaches; nicknamed “the city of 365 sunsets”, it is a must-see destination.

Luz María Zepeda was the guide in this virtual journey full of exclusivity, immersing the attendees in the magic of La Paz. This jewel of Baja California Sur captivated the guests with its impressive marine life offerings and peaceful climate.

And this destination not only invites you to explore the ocean with activities such as scuba diving and whale watchingThe island is the ideal place for those seeking a pleasant climate, unspoiled beaches, exquisite gastronomy and unique biodiversity.

In addition to the destination presentation, those present were able to enjoy a fantastic cocktail that complemented the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the space.

But the magic didn’t end there. The event culminated with two exciting raffles: one offering the chance to experience a NUBA experience at the Baja Club Hotel in La Paz and another one to win an unforgettable Huakal treasureBlue Kalimori Dish: a stunning blue Kalimori Dish, a molded and hand-painted ceramic piece in shades of blue.

Sorteo La Paz durante evento NUBA
Sorteo Huakal durante evento NUBA

A unique space for the NUBA event

The event took place in the cozy facilities of Huakal, a space born from the desire to merge tradition and design, and that serves as a showcase for artisan creators who put their soul into each piece made. Under the slogan“Pieces that speak“, Huakal immerses us in the world of Mexican luxury craftsmanship, where each piece tells a unique story and reflects the richness and diversity of this tradition.

Thank you all for joining us for this special event!


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