Croatia and Montenegro

Lost corners and Mediterranean flavors are waiting to be discovered in Croatia and Montenegro, two of the most desired and unknown destinations in Europe. Our objective? Exploring the terrain to create a spectacular trip for a group of 150 people, celebrating the arrival of the long-awaited normalcy and the wonderful fact of being able to travel together again.

Discovering the freshness and flavor of the Mediterranean Sea

We embarked on our trip with the perspective that the program in Croatia was going to be cultural and not so focused on luxury, centered only on the experiences and activities that we could do in Dubrovnik. However, as soon as we landed, the feeling was very positive; we knew beforehand that the country had been open to tourism for months, but we did not imagine that it would be operating so normally. Without masks and without restrictions in streets and restaurants, it seemed that we had returned to the time before the pandemic, there was a freedom in the atmosphere that, although surprising, we quickly got used to.

Dubrovnik city wall view

The walled city of Dubrovnik

We toured the walled city of Dubrovnik, a must-see, and although we found many people strolling the streets, the reduction in the number of cruise ships arriving in the city was palpable, and the crowds have completely disappeared, which is a big plus. The city, which still maintains a unique charm, has evolved over the years, perfectly preserved and as beautiful as ever, although modernity has reached every corner, and is now a paradise for lovers of Game of Thrones, as the filming of the series has made it the scene of a series that, combined with all the beauty it has to offer, left no one indifferent.

Streets inside the Dubrovnik city wall

A bathing experience

It is worth noting that although Croatia is famous for its coastline, it is not a beach destination, something that usually surprises all new visitors, which does not imply that we cannot enjoy its waters, known for their unique and spectacular colors. Since the beaches are rocky or pebble beaches, many hotels have platforms with stairs that give direct access to the sea. This translates into a very interesting bathing experience, and is that diving into its crystal clear waters is a pleasure, even if we do not do it from the sand.

Seaside terrace in Dubrovnik

Heading to Montenegro

After the two days of prospecting in Dubrovnik, we set course for Montenegro. Although there was some concern when crossing the border, because of the possible crowds of vehicles and security controls, we had no problem, simply with our ID card we were able to make the change of country in a simple and fast way. As soon as we entered Montenegro, we were surprised by the landscape that awaited us, and although it has certain similarities with Croatia, the port areas are much newer and better maintained, due to the recent tourist development of the country.

Dubrovnik boat trip

A perfect accommodation

Aboard a ferry, we crossed the bay in just 10 minutes, arriving at our hotel, located in Puerto Montenegro; a perfect accommodation, not only for the decor and seafaring theme that blends with the environment, but for its location, and if we walk out of it we find the harbor promenade, perfectly maintained with impressive luxury boats, plenty of restaurants, bars and terraces, plus an avenue full of exclusive stores, ideal for shopping. That is why we did not have to go far to enjoy dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, whose cuisine was exceptional.

Panoramic view of the hotel in Montenegro

Perast and Kotor

The next day, we visited one of the most wonderful places in Montenegro, the Boca Bay, where the villages of Perast or Kotor are located. On this sailing day, and before setting course for the first of them, we met the famous Island of the RockWe then continued on to the charming fishing village of Perast, which we visited and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch.

Budva y su ciudad amurallada

We continued sailing to Kotor, one of the most spectacular cities of Montenegro with its medieval aesthetics, and as we made the entrance by sea we could appreciate the impressive walls surrounding the mountains of the place. We discovered its cathedral and orthodox churches, and in one of them we had the opportunity to enjoy a concert with an orthodox choir before starting the visit to the city. We also visited the town of Budva, where we found a small walled city with lots of charm, and discovered the perfect location for the group’s gala dinner, because within its walls is the Citadel, a unique and spectacular enclave in which to organize an outdoor dinner with a medieval theme.

Budva y su ciudad amurallada

Relaxing in Montenegro

But not all is history in Montenegro. Three months ago Nikki Beach Club was inaugurated, and its fame has not been long in coming, so the next day, aboard a speedboat, we moved from the port to the pier of the Club, ready for a morning of fun and relaxation. Once there, we enjoyed our Balinese bed and some mojitos while a saxophonist livened up the atmosphere to the rhythm of the DJ.

Views from the boat to the port of Montenegro

Gold clasp

A discerning and entertaining morning, between swimming in the pool and in the sea, with an open bar, snacks and lunch inside the club to celebrate that we were all together and that traveling again is possible. On the way back, and for the farewell dinner, in Puerto Montenegro itself, we chose a spectacular yacht club, where we were able to enjoy the evening with incomparable views of the bay. It was the finishing touch to a unique trip full of new discoveries.

Aerial view of Kotor

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