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Best leading luxury travel agency in Europe

On a dazzling night in the city of Batumi, Georgia, the World Travel Awards 2023 came to its exciting conclusion last Saturday, honoring Spanish luxury travel agency NUBA as the"Best Luxury Travel Agency 2023" in Europe. This prestigious event brought together tourism experts from all over Europe to celebrate excellence in the travel and hospitality industry.

NUBA’s win in the‘Best Luxury Travel Agency 2023‘ category in Europe marks an important milestone for the firm and recognizes the ongoing commitment to excellence in planning and organizing unforgettable travel experiences for our clients. At NUBA we have consistently demonstrated our ability to exceed expectations, offering destinations and services with the highest standards that capture the imagination of the most demanding travelers.

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Celebrating Three Decades of Excellence in Tourism

The World Travel Awards, affectionately known as the “Oscars of Tourism,” represent a highlight in the European travel and tourism industry calendar. During three days of events and discussions, industry leaders gathered to explore the present and future of the industry, as well as to celebrate the awards’ significant 30-year anniversary.

Raising the standard of luxury travel and winning hearts in Europe

NUBA’s achievement is a testament to the dedication to delivering exceptional and personalized experiences in the world of luxury travel. The brand has set a quality standard that inspires other companies to follow suit and elevate their travel offerings.

With this win, NUBA joins the illustrious list of World Travel Awards winners and consolidates its position as one of the leading luxury travel agencies in Europe. NUBA has not only won an award, it has won the hearts of those seeking exceptional travel experiences. Their success is an inspiring reminder that passion and commitment can lead to the top of the industry, and that the most extravagant travel dreams can come true with the help of passionate experts.
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This victory is a call to all travel lovers to explore the world with NUBA, a brand that has proven that luxury and excellence are much more than words, they are a way of life that is experienced in every trip it organizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact NUBA and make your boldest travel dreams come true.


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