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Saudi Arabia: Luxury, Exoticism and History

Delve into the mysterious charm of Saudi Arabia, where every corner reveals a fascinating balance between the richness of its past and the modernity of its cities.

From the immense golden dunes of the desert to the grandeur of its contemporary cities, this unexplored country promises unique experiences, in a perfect fusion of tradition and avant-garde.

With impressive regions such as AlUla, an archaeological treasure trove of rocky landscapes, or Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with carved tombs and historical monuments, we will discover the diversity of the country along its ancient trade routes.

Join us on this journey full of charm and exoticism through Saudi Arabia!

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Grand Prix™ of Saudi Arabia

In Jeddah, we will experience the pinnacle of luxury and speed at the Grand Prix™ of Saudi Arabia, where exclusivity merges with adrenaline, in an unparalleled weekend.

Not only will we witness thrilling races on the world’s fastest street circuit, Jeddah Corniche, with panoramic views of the Red Sea and the majestic city, but we will also enter the heart of Formula 1 with unparalleled privileges. We will experience this automotive event with less crowds and minimal waiting times.

This is not just a race meeting, it is an exclusive experience that will place us at the epicenter of the excitement and elegance of this Grand Prix.


Sailing the Red Sea: Diving and Snorkeling in an Underwater Paradise

Leaving the city behind, we will dive into the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, where a virtually unexplored underwater world awaits.

Diving or snorkeling, we will encounter amazing marine biodiversity, from vibrant colorful fish, dolphins, turtles and majestic rays, to reef sharks that will welcome us in their natural habitat.

This corner is recognized as one of the best places in the world to observe clownfish, angelfish and butterflyfish. Coral reefs and seaweed beds invite us to explore a fascinating underwater world, where every dive becomes a unique window into the marine life of Saudi Arabia.

Majestic past and serenity of the present

Imagine welcoming the first light of day with a spectacular sunrise balloon flight over the endless AlUla desert.

From the heights, we will witness the majestic rock formations of the Hegra Mountains, where Nabataean tombs, masterfully carved into the rock, tell ancestral tales. An incomparable experience, in which to appreciate the grandeur of the history that lies beneath our feet and the immensity of the desert, which stretches as far as the eye can see.

At the end of the flight, a delicious breakfast will be waiting for us, allowing us to enjoy an endless after-dinner conversation with breathtaking views.

Sobrevolar en globo AlUla

Authentic flavors in Jeddah

A delicious surprise awaits in the exquisite Saudi gastronomy. Immersing yourself in Arab culture through its cuisine, from fresh seafood to saffron-scented rice dishes, will be an impressive taste experience.

And dining with a local family in their own home will give us the opportunity to experience authentic Saudi food. Surrounded by their warm hospitality, we will explore the tastiest Arabian delicacies, such as Kabsa, an exquisite rice with meat flavored with cardamom.

In addition, dessert lovers will enjoy delicacies such as Kunafa, which combines nuts, honey and puff pastry. A surprising culinary variety that will delight our senses.

Comida Jeddah Arabia Saudí

Contact a NUBA designer and discover a world where history comes alive and modernity intertwines harmoniously with tradition.

This 2024 travels privately to Saudi Arabia.

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