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Person under a rock arch with milky way above


Under the Milky Way

Look up and billions of stars return our gaze, in the darkest sky on the planet, in this Dark Sky reserve. Let yourself be enveloped by the night cloak of the Milky Way and enjoy a very special astronomy session.


Cultural immersion with the Bushmen

Be welcomed by the Bushmen, an ancient culture that keeps alive their millenary traditions, and share their vast knowledge of medicinal plants, hunting techniques and dances.
Bolivia Luxury camp van


Bolivia in an exclusive camper

Bringing luxury to the most remote corners of Bolivia in an exclusive camper with all the comforts. Discover thundering geysers and lagoons of a thousand colors or get to know the curious Bolivian fauna and the traditions of its people in this lodging on wheels.
Bolivia Amboro


Nature and archeology in the Bolivian Andes

Explore the wild beauty of Amboró National Park and its amazing wildlife as a preamble to the mysterious Samaipata, a small town in the Bolivian Andes, and the archaeological site of El Fuerte.
Capturando la magia de Uyuni, Bolivia


Capturing the magic of the Uyuni Salt Flat

Turn the impressive Uyuni salt flat, the largest natural mirror in the world, into a studio and capture impossible snapshots with a professional photographer.
Buggies desierto


Adventure among the dunes

Feel the thrill of the Dakar Rally and participate in a four-day experience through the semi-desert, riding buggies and resting in a private riad.
Royal Mansour Marrakech restaurant


Culinary experience in Marrakech

Savor the culinary heritage of the Morocco and taste the best dishes at La Grande Table Marocaine or try an Italian cuisine worthy of three Michelin stars at Sesame, the restaurant of the Royal Mansour Marrakech.
Yves Saint Laurent


Delves into the figure of one of the greatest designers in history.

Get to know the most intimate side of Yves Saint Laurent. Visit his exclusive museum and be fascinated by his most iconic pieces and designs.


To know the most deeply rooted traditions of the island.

To get a glimpse of the ancestral customs of the Betsileos and to dress completely in white to participate in the Sunday processions, unique in Madagascar, in the village of Soatanana. Learn more about the Fifohazan religion while strolling through the nearby tea plantations.
Aurora boreal Islandia


Admire the beauty of the boreal sky in the heart of nature

Experience the most exclusive side of Iceland by watching the northern lights from a customized camp on a glacier with a cathedral and orchestra, dive between tectonic plates in the crystal clear waters of the Silfra fissure, practice yoga in private on volcanic soil or travel the island’s black sand beaches by boogie.
Ballenas jorobadas Madagascar


Discovering humpback whales

Jump into the crystal clear waters surrounding Santa Maria Island and be surrounded by entire families of humpback whales on their annual northward migration. Have the opportunity to swim with these cetaceans and connect on a completely different level with nature.
Sobrevuela Turkana


Flying over the blues of Turkana

Contemplate from a helicopter the infinite islands and volcanoes of Lake Turkana, the largest lake in Kenya, as if it were a living canvas stretching to the horizon. Land at the foot of a crater to enjoy a snack in a privileged environment.
Rangers masai mara


Discover the work of the rangers in Maasai Mara

To curb poaching and loss of elephant territory with the rangers of the Mara Elephant Project by implanting state-of-the-art tracking collars on Masai Mara elephants.


In the footsteps of the rhinoceros

Live an immersive experience in total contact with nature. Join a research patrol and accompany them as they analyze the ecosystem and behavior of rhinos, an endangered species, to protect and learn more about them.
Vistas de puente con arcos Etiopia


Festivities in Ethiopia.

Liberate yourself in a very special cultural immersion experience by experiencing Timkat, the country’s most important religious festival in which all the churches unite in the streets to celebrate together.


Learn about the country’s historical and material legacy

Visit the Addis Ababa National Museum and immerse yourself in its collection with a renowned paleontologist, a member of the team that discovered the famous remains of the hominid Lucy.
Vistas Gondar


Rest in an exclusive lodging with unique views

Fly to the city of Gondar and spend the night in the highest lodge in all of Africa, contemplating the natural beauty of Ethiopia on our particular ‘top of the world’.
Gran migración


The Great Migration

Experience, first hand, the largest zebra and wildebeest migration on the African continent and accompany the wild herds on their way to the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan plains.
Okavango en helicoptero


Fly over the Okavango and contemplate all its beauty.

Admire the natural orchard that is the Okavango Delta from the air, flying by helicopter over this fertile land that hosts the most magical spectacle of wildlife.
Kalahari a caballo


Galloping through the Kalahari

Live a unique safari experience as you ride across the breathtaking plains of the Kalahari Desert on horseback, answering the call of adventure.


Taste an exclusive dinner in a privileged environment.

Take a relaxing stroll through the Frenchified gardens and lakes of Villa d’Allen, a 19th century manor house in Porto, and enjoy an unforgettable private dinner in an idyllic and exclusive setting.
Casco antiguo Oporto


Enjoy an evening on the banks of the Douro River

Toast in a romantic picnic overlooking the Douro River and tour the valley in a private sailboat, exploring the peaceful nature and its charming landscapes.
Lisboa graffity


Get inspired by the creativity and art of Lisbon

Discover the most urban and creative side of Lisbon with a graffiti workshop in the streets of the Portuguese capital, where you can learn this street art and put it into practice with a spray artist.


Travel to a new and distant territory

Travel to one of the most remote places in Lapland, by snowmobile or helicopter, and have the opportunity to stay in a luxurious private chalet that pays homage to traditional Sami architecture while offering complete facilities.