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Omán Ópera Muscat


Enjoy the most exclusive pieces of the Muscat Opera House

Applaud, amidst excited cheers, an exquisite musical show at the Muscat Opera House and visit its most exclusive collection, which holds unique treasures of this art.
Ultraligero Omán


Like a real Bedouin in the dunes

Fly over the immensity of the Wahiba desert in a microlight and let its sandy silence draw the most beautiful dreams by spending the night in a luxurious private camp.
Liuwa migracion Time and Tide Zambia


Follow the herd

Witness the second largest migration on the planet by accompanying the wildebeest herds by land, by kayak or from the air by helicopter. Enjoy an unparalleled event in a unique and original way.
Noche en el Liuwa Plain Zambia


Tuck yourself in under the night blanket while sleeping in the middle of nature

Fall asleep counting stars in what was once the Luwi riverbed, now dry, and feel the movement of the universe as you connect with the purest nature.
African Queen barco Zambeze Zambia


Experience an authentic steamboat on the Zambezi

Feel like Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn as they sail the calm waters of the Zambezi aboard the Queen of Africa, the mythical steamboat. Fall in love with the Zambian sunsets or whitewater rafting down the river to Batoka Gorge.
Cataratas Murchison


An exclusive lunch with a backdrop of waterfalls

Toast to Uganda’s natural beauty while enjoying an exclusive brunch atop Murchison Falls. Let yourself be amazed by the imposing waterfall before relaxing with the current of the Victoria Nile as background music.
Rinoceronte blanco


The treasure of Ziwa, the last sanctuary of the white rhino

Set out in search of white rhino in the Ziwa Sanctuary, one of the few places left in Africa where you can track this spectacular animal on foot.
Villa en el nilo


Alone with the Nile

Get to know new meanings of the word ‘privacy’ by staying on an exclusive private island at the source of the Nile. Enjoy all the comforts and a calm only interrupted by the movement of the currents.
Buceo en tofo con tiburones toro

Beaches of Africa

Following Bazaruto scientists in their daily work

Follow the work of the Center for Scientific Studies in Bazaruto, Mozambique, to monitor the effects of climate change on local ecosystems and help their scientists track the mighty tiger sharks and bull sharks.

Beaches of Africa

Enjoy the luxury of your own private island in Seychelles

Embrace the sense of privacy and solitude that only comes from staying on a private island paradise. Waking up to the quiet murmur of the tides, with no other worries during the day than watching the sun set behind the waters of the Indian Ocean.
Masaje en Seychelles

Beaches of Africa

A moment for you in Seychelles

Dedicate time to our self-care by receiving a wonderful massage in the open air, on top of a gentle hill, or by abstracting yourself in a meditation session on the mountain of Petite Anse. Release tension and adrenaline surfing the perfect waves of the Seychelles.
Safari a caballo Camelthorn Zimbabwe


Galloping through the savannah

Enjoy a different tour visiting the Hwange National Park, the largest in the country, on horseback. Enter the trails that other vehicles cannot reach and contemplate up close the more than 100 species of mammals that live there.
Matobo Hills Zimbabwe


Discover one of the key places in the origins of human beings.

Lose yourself in the history of the Matobo Hills, strolling among its curious rock formations, and learn about the natural shelters and rock paintings that tell the story of the birth of mankind with a renowned archaeological expert.
Atrium en Zeitz Museo, Sudáfrica

South Africa

Visit the galleries of the Zeitz Museum

Contemplate the impressive architecture of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town and privately tour its rooms with the curator of the permanent collection, with whom to interpret these masterpieces of Pan-African art.
Conservación animal

South Africa

Get to know the latest technological advances in animal preservation

Learn more about the latest techniques to protect South African wildlife from poaching and work alongside animal conservation professionals, getting up close and personal with wildlife behavior while being an active part of caring for them.

South Africa

Exploring the untamed beauty of South Africa

Crossing the skies above the Drakensberg mountain range before entering an exciting cycling circuit at 2000 meters above sea level. Visit the Richtersveld National Park and take to the waters of the Orange River in a unique rafting experience.
Ngorongoro crater


Conquer the Ngorongoro Crater with expert guides

Venture on a unique trekking route, accompanied by a naturalist guide and a ranger, to conquer the Ngorongoro Crater and enjoy a well-deserved picnic overlooking the Tanzanian plains.
Ranger Ngorongoro


Actively involved in the fight against poaching

Curb poaching and loss of elephant territory with the rangers of the Mara Elephant Project by implanting state-of-the-art tracking collars on Masai Mara elephants.
Atardecer valle del rift


Admire the beauty of the Tanzanian sky

Contemplate the glow of millions of stars reflecting on the waters of Lake Eyasi while staying in an exclusive Fly Camp, immersed in the purest nature of the Rift Valley.
Wilderness Bisate cena


Moments just for two

Tasting an exquisite romantic dinner among Rwanda’s most beautiful tea fields and smiling as you immerse yourself in the intimacy of Nyungwe National Park.
Centro visitantes Diane Fossey


Getting to know Dian Fossey

Learn about the work of primatologist Dian Fossey and see her legacy at the Ellen DeGeneres Visitor Center near the national park where the gorillas live.
Dian Fossey


The legacy of the gorillas

Explore the oldest natural park in Africa. Venture into the peaks of Volcanoes National Park to privately track mountain gorillas.
Guepardo en Namibia


Participate in the work of the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Experience firsthand the vital protection and rehabilitation work being done at Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, meet their friendly guests and participate in cheetah tracking on the plains of Namibia.
Brasil Pantanal


Adventures in the Pantanal

Sleep in a traditional fazenda in the Northern Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, and go out in the cool of the night to experience a night photographic safari, guided by specialists in the area.