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Explore the lake region while taking care of it

Taking care of the destination that gives so much by traveling sustainably and respectfully through Finland’s frozen landscape. Discover the lake region and explore it from a private jetty, on a water safari or by husky sleds through the forest.


Experience the Sami’s everyday life

Share time with the Sami and learn about their most authentic customs, such as the secrets of reindeer herding or the most important dishes of their gastronomy, cooked on an improvised bonfire in the middle of nature.


Enjoy the best golf courses in the world

Discover why Scotland is one of the preferred golfing destinations by accessing the country’s most exclusive private clubs. Improve your swing with the help of world-renowned experts.


Caring for local wildlife in the Scottish Highlands

Stay in an imposing Victorian-style mansion, in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands, and be part of the project of protection and reintroduction of endangered wildlife that they carry out there.
Palacio Holyrood


A royal journey into Gaelic roots and regal luxury

Alfarería turca


Ancestral craftsmanship in Mumcular

Get to know the millenary talent of Mumcular, a town famous for its clay artisans, with a master potter and putting into practice the knowledge acquired with a pottery lesson, accompanied by a traditional Turkish brunch.


Discover the ruins of Troy that Homer spoke of

Follow in the footsteps of the pellid Achilles and the ingenious Ulysses and visit the ruins of Troy, accessing the archaeological excavations closed to the public. Learn the secrets of the city of horses with a team of archaeologists.
Guzelyurt, Aksaray


Venture into the gorges of Turkey

Walk through the volcanic gorge of the Ihlara Valley, following the river that runs through its bed, to reach the town of Guzelyurt, famous for its churches carved into the rock itself.
Lobo durmiendo en el Ártico noruego

Arctic Norway

Sleeping with wolves

Pet the soft fur of an arctic wolf and learn more about its nature in an innovative refuge that unites luxury and direct contact with these animals. Experience the bond that arises between human and animal by visiting the sanctuary in private, outside of opening hours.

Arctic Norway

Getting to know the Sami

Safari ártico

Arctic Norway

Arctic Safari

Climb on the back of a zodiac and set off in search of white-tailed eagles in the Arctic fjords or get a close-up view of glacier tongues in an expedition boat.
Deplar Farm chimenea comida volcanica


Taste a volcanic menu in a unique environment.

Descend into the heart of the Thríhnúkagígur volcano, extinct for more than 4000 years, to delight in a very special gastronomic experience: an exclusive dinner of Icelandic delicacies in its magma chamber.
Degustación pan


Taste Icelandic cuisine in a unique way

Taste traditional Icelandic bread in a very special way: fresh from a geothermal bakery, where it is baked buried in hot volcanic sand.
Tsingy Rouge Red


Stroll through Madagascar’s natural wealth

Walking on what was once a seabed accompanied by the undaunted red tsingys of Irodo, spectacular rock formations more than 70 million years old.
Archipiélago de las Cícladas


Rest and enjoy the pleasures of the Aegean.

Lose yourself in the blues of the Aegean Sea from a private villa in the Cyclades archipelago, with all the comforts and the most exclusive services.
Restos en Tena


Trojan legacy

Travel to another era by visiting a mythical city. Explore the remains of mysterious Tenea, an ancient world city discovered in 2018 that, according to legend, was founded by travelers from the city of Troy.


Explore the eastern mountains and learn their secrets

Unwind at a retreat in the mountains of eastern Greece and find an ancient 16th century monastery. Get the key to access the interior, where its impressive frescoes and the views from its bell tower evoke a simpler, quieter, bygone era.
Pesca en Croacia


Sailing along the Croatian coast with a local fisherman

Learn fishing techniques on a small boat on the Adriatic, listen to the stories of a local fisherman and, after a day at sea, taste the famous local oysters in a picturesque coastal village.
Cueva azul


In the footsteps of Ulysses

Swim in the spectacular blues of Odysseus cave, a natural hideaway unknown to most tourists. Immerse yourself in the shades of this hidden gem and catch a glimpse of the sunset from its rocks.


Discover traditional Croatian goldsmithery

Share a pleasant afternoon with Matja and Giorgio Vierda, master craftsmen whose family has been making goldsmith pieces for centuries. Discover the secrets of this ancient art in the family’s home on the enchanting island of Brac.


Live the most exclusive experience in Paris

Alta costura Paris


Witness the latest fashions of French haute couture

Saint Germain en Laye


A very special visit through the history of France

Admire the arches of the Saint-Germain-en-Laye castle, birthplace of the Sun King, during an exclusive private visit to the National Museum of Archaeology.
Faro Capo Spartivento


From island to island

Sleep in a totally secluded lighthouse on the cliffs of Sardinia’s southernmost tip (Capo Spartivento) or enjoy your own private island in the Venetian Lagoon, an exclusive retreat owned by the Swarovski family.