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The vacations wouldn’t be the same without that family member who greets you by jumping for joy when you enter the house, or curls up on your lap on your lowest days. And if not, just ask Dalí, who in the 1960s did not hesitate to take Babou, his spectacular feline, with him wherever he went, even on board the luxury cruise ship SS France, or to the St. Regis hotel in Paris. Regis of New York. One of the most famous anecdotes that starred this couple in Manhattan was in a restaurant. One of the diners was frightened at the sight of the little leopard, to which Dalí explained that it was a normal cat and that its appearance was due to the fact that he himself had painted its fur to make it look like one.

Dali Babou
Eccentricities aside, nowadays more and more airlines, accommodations and restaurants are joining the Petfriendly philosophy, making it easier for you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with your pet. Here is a selection of experiences that, if your dog or cat could choose, they would take you without hesitation.


If you are thinking of going to Milan soon, don’t hesitate to take your pet with you, he/she will jump for joy when entering Temellini Milano! The haute couture store that offers custom-made clothes for dogs designed by Italian couturiers.
The store was born from Giovanna Temellini’s love for fashion and animals. The founder of this Dog Á Porter says: “I respect and am attentive to all the needs of dogs, I take into account how they move, run, get dirty and interact… I refuse to create clothes that limit the dog or ridicule him”.
A workshop where perfect cuts, high quality fabrics and comfortable designs reign supreme. Gone are the dark days when your dog stayed at home while you enjoyed the Paris-London-Milan route. From now on you will have an elegant companion.

Viaje de lujo de mascotas a Milán


California is one of the must-see destinations in the United States. This is the land of pioneers, where the gold rush took hold, where surfing was reinvented and, of course, where the cradle of American cinema is located. Not surprisingly, it is also a pioneer in petfriendly experiences and destinations.
One of our favorite accommodations in Los Angeles is The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel. Imagine your pet’s face when in the room, before going to bed, you ask room service for some Martinis. As they have a pet-friendly menu, you can choose for your dog a delicious cocktail based on veal broth that he will devour in a nanosecond. He will sleep at the foot of your bed among personalized blankets and cushions. And the next morning, what better plan than going to the spa together?

Viaje de lujo de mascotas a California


Do you think you are the only one who appreciates the exclusivity of a castle in Saint-Tropez? I’m sure you’ve already guessed it, but your pet also has a very fine palate.
The Hôtel Château de la Messardière offers an excellent customer service for both 2-legged and 4-legged guests. It is a 19th century castle perched on a quiet hillside overlooking the bay of Pampelonne. A quiet sanctuary where you can rest and relax without giving up that family member who would never leave without you on vacation.
Send this article to your friends and family, and tell them that they are in luck. From now on they won’t have to take care of your pets anymore.

Viaje de lujo de mascotas a Saint Tropez

If you would like to plan a tailor-made trip with your inseparable companion, please contact your nearest NUBA advisor, or click here.

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