Flying over impossible landscapes, swimming in inaccessible coves and caves or practicing the most exciting sports on the best tracks in the world is the dream of any traveler who lives for adventure. Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and put yourself to the test anywhere in the five continents.

Atardecer valle del rift


Admire the beauty of the Tanzanian sky

Contemplate the glow of millions of stars reflecting on the waters of Lake Eyasi while staying in an exclusive Fly Camp, immersed in the purest nature of the Rift Valley.
Guepardo en Namibia


Participate in the work of the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Experience firsthand the vital protection and rehabilitation work being done at Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, meet their friendly guests and participate in cheetah tracking on the plains of Namibia.
Brasil Pantanal


Adventures in the Pantanal

Sleep in a traditional fazenda in the Northern Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, and go out in the cool of the night to experience a night photographic safari, guided by specialists in the area.
Person under a rock arch with milky way above


Under the Milky Way

Look up and billions of stars return our gaze, in the darkest sky on the planet, in this Dark Sky reserve. Let yourself be enveloped by the night cloak of the Milky Way and enjoy a very special astronomy session.
Bolivia Luxury camp van


Bolivia in an exclusive camper

Bringing luxury to the most remote corners of Bolivia in an exclusive camper with all the comforts. Discover thundering geysers and lagoons of a thousand colors or get to know the curious Bolivian fauna and the traditions of its people in this lodging on wheels.
Bolivia Amboro


Nature and archeology in the Bolivian Andes

Explore the wild beauty of Amboró National Park and its amazing wildlife as a preamble to the mysterious Samaipata, a small town in the Bolivian Andes, and the archaeological site of El Fuerte.
Capturando la magia de Uyuni, Bolivia


Capturing the magic of the Uyuni Salt Flat

Turn the impressive Uyuni salt flat, the largest natural mirror in the world, into a studio and capture impossible snapshots with a professional photographer.
Buggies desierto


Adventure among the dunes

Feel the thrill of the Dakar Rally and participate in a four-day experience through the semi-desert, riding buggies and resting in a private riad.
Aurora boreal Islandia


Admire the beauty of the boreal sky in the heart of nature

Experience the most exclusive side of Iceland by watching the northern lights from a customized camp on a glacier with a cathedral and orchestra, dive between tectonic plates in the crystal clear waters of the Silfra fissure, practice yoga in private on volcanic soil or travel the island’s black sand beaches by boogie.
Sobrevuela Turkana


Flying over the blues of Turkana

Contemplate from a helicopter the infinite islands and volcanoes of Lake Turkana, the largest lake in Kenya, as if it were a living canvas stretching to the horizon. Land at the foot of a crater to enjoy a snack in a privileged environment.
Vistas Gondar


Rest in an exclusive lodging with unique views

Fly to the city of Gondar and spend the night in the highest lodge in all of Africa, contemplating the natural beauty of Ethiopia on our particular ‘top of the world’.
Okavango en helicoptero


Fly over the Okavango and contemplate all its beauty.

Admire the natural orchard that is the Okavango Delta from the air, flying by helicopter over this fertile land that hosts the most magical spectacle of wildlife.


Travel to a new and distant territory

Travel to one of the most remote places in Lapland, by snowmobile or helicopter, and have the opportunity to stay in a luxurious private chalet that pays homage to traditional Sami architecture while offering complete facilities.


Explore the lake region while taking care of it

Taking care of the destination that gives so much by traveling sustainably and respectfully through Finland’s frozen landscape. Discover the lake region and explore it from a private jetty, on a water safari or by husky sleds through the forest.


Caring for local wildlife in the Scottish Highlands

Stay in an imposing Victorian-style mansion, in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands, and be part of the project of protection and reintroduction of endangered wildlife that they carry out there.
Guzelyurt, Aksaray


Venture into the gorges of Turkey

Walk through the volcanic gorge of the Ihlara Valley, following the river that runs through its bed, to reach the town of Guzelyurt, famous for its churches carved into the rock itself.
Lobo durmiendo en el Ártico noruego

Arctic Norway

Sleeping with wolves

Pet the soft fur of an arctic wolf and learn more about its nature in an innovative refuge that unites luxury and direct contact with these animals. Experience the bond that arises between human and animal by visiting the sanctuary in private, outside of opening hours.

Arctic Norway

Getting to know the Sami

Safari ártico

Arctic Norway

Arctic Safari

Climb on the back of a zodiac and set off in search of white-tailed eagles in the Arctic fjords or get a close-up view of glacier tongues in an expedition boat.
Deplar Farm chimenea comida volcanica


Taste a volcanic menu in a unique environment.

Descend into the heart of the Thríhnúkagígur volcano, extinct for more than 4000 years, to delight in a very special gastronomic experience: an exclusive dinner of Icelandic delicacies in its magma chamber.
Tsingy Rouge Red


Stroll through Madagascar’s natural wealth

Walking on what was once a seabed accompanied by the undaunted red tsingys of Irodo, spectacular rock formations more than 70 million years old.


Explore the eastern mountains and learn their secrets

Unwind at a retreat in the mountains of eastern Greece and find an ancient 16th century monastery. Get the key to access the interior, where its impressive frescoes and the views from its bell tower evoke a simpler, quieter, bygone era.
Cueva azul


In the footsteps of Ulysses

Swim in the spectacular blues of Odysseus cave, a natural hideaway unknown to most tourists. Immerse yourself in the shades of this hidden gem and catch a glimpse of the sunset from its rocks.
Faro Capo Spartivento


From island to island

Sleep in a totally secluded lighthouse on the cliffs of Sardinia’s southernmost tip (Capo Spartivento) or enjoy your own private island in the Venetian Lagoon, an exclusive retreat owned by the Swarovski family.