Flying over impossible landscapes, swimming in inaccessible coves and caves or practicing the most exciting sports on the best tracks in the world is the dream of any traveler who lives for adventure. Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and put yourself to the test anywhere in the five continents.

Sobrevolar glaciar Canada helicoptero


Fly among millenary glaciers

Appreciate the imposing size of the Canadian glaciers by flying over them in a helicopter and finish the aerial tour by landing on top of one of them to enjoy a picnic with the best views.
Canadá Safari Nunavut


Polar Safari

Antártida base investigación


The future of the South Pole

Live a real ice adventure studying the effect of microplastics in Antarctica from a research station. The expedition begins with two weeks of training in Patagonia, followed by a trip to the South Pole to visit Drake Falls, go snowmobiling and analyze the data collected at the Ocean Conservancy NGO.
Durmiendo sobre el hielo en la Antártida


Antarctica, Sleeping on ice

Experience a night of Antarctic sleep in an exclusive ice camp, located in the heart of the continent and with complete fiberglass tents, powered by solar and wind energy.
Antártida buceo


Reaching the seabed of the Antarctic Ocean

Descend to the depths of the Antarctic Ocean and explore a new world, unknown to most, in a state-of-the-art submersible vehicle.
Ecuador Galápagos Tortuga mogración


A night among turtles

Sleep in a luxurious private villa, located in the natural migration route of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos. In addition to having all the amenities, it is an opportunity to learn about the work carried out by the scientists of the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Program.
Sergey zhesterev


Explore legendary glaciers

Argentina Perito Moreno glaciar


5-star experience among glaciers

Feeling alone with the rugged beauty of Chilean Patagonia in a luxurious lodge lost in the middle of nature. Enjoy one of the most exclusive experiences in the country among mountains, jungles, glaciers or helicopter rides.
Chile Barco Jechica


Explore Jechica Island on a true expedition into the unknown

Explore the remote Jechica Island, in Chilean Patagonia, and feel like an adventurer on a deserted island. Go trekking to see the fjords, go in search of the colorful marine fauna, kayak next to pods of dolphins or sail to the nearby islands to get to know this place where the hand of man is barely perceptible.
Chile Heliski Glaciar cordillera base pumalodge


The Andes on heli-skiing

Get a unique view of the Andes from a helicopter, through some of its best peaks, to put on your boots and descend through amazing landscapes in an incredible skiing experience.
Tiburon Ballena Qatar


Qatar, Encountering whale sharks

Follow the whale sharks to the Persian Gulf and admire their elegant underwater dance from a private yacht, with all the comforts and in the company of an expert on these creatures, which gather in these waters in one of the largest concentrations on the planet.
Qatar vuelo en globo aerostático Qatar


Qatar’s landscape from a hot air balloon

Welcoming the dawn and the lights of a new day while flying over modern Doha or the Qatari desert in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the silence and the immeasurable beauty of the landscape in an intimate walk through the clouds before landing and enjoying a nice breakfast in private.
Dubái & Abu Dabi dunas conducción

United Arab Emirates

Travel through dunes in an unstoppable vehicle

Jump across the dunes of the Dubai desert and feel the power and adrenaline at the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle modified to be unstoppable on any terrain.
Dubái & Abu Dabi conduccion-aston-martin

United Arab Emirates

Speed and adrenaline

Get behind the wheel of a luxurious Aston Martin GT4 or an F-300 and feel the real speed at the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit, with a private instructor as co-driver. Listen to the whirring of the cars at full speed while watching a professional race, on the track and with a delicious brunch.
Dubái & Abu Dabi Deep Dive

United Arab Emirates

Under the waters of Deep Dive Dubai

Jump into the Deep Dive Dubai pool and dive 60 meters deep through the underwater streets of this 21st century Atlantis, having the opportunity to explore its aquatic secrets together with a team of diving professionals.
El famoso desierto del Negev en Israel al atardecer.


Flying over the Holy Land

Flying over the Negev desert or old Jerusalem, stopping at the Masada fortress on the way to the Dead Sea. Discover the most unknown side of the country in the city of Haifa, the crusader stronghold of Atlit or the slopes of Mount Carmel.
Omán Leopardo de Arabia


Follow the trail of the legendary Arabian leopard

Explore the Jebel Samhan mountains while searching for the majestic and endangered Arabian leopard. Learn more about this impressive feline with Kha led Al Hikami, who has dedicated his life to its study and protection.
Ultraligero Omán


Like a real Bedouin in the dunes

Fly over the immensity of the Wahiba desert in a microlight and let its sandy silence draw the most beautiful dreams by spending the night in a luxurious private camp.
Noche en el Liuwa Plain Zambia


Tuck yourself in under the night blanket while sleeping in the middle of nature

Fall asleep counting stars in what was once the Luwi riverbed, now dry, and feel the movement of the universe as you connect with the purest nature.
African Queen barco Zambeze Zambia


Experience an authentic steamboat on the Zambezi

Feel like Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn as they sail the calm waters of the Zambezi aboard the Queen of Africa, the mythical steamboat. Fall in love with the Zambian sunsets or whitewater rafting down the river to Batoka Gorge.
Cataratas Murchison


An exclusive lunch with a backdrop of waterfalls

Toast to Uganda’s natural beauty while enjoying an exclusive brunch atop Murchison Falls. Let yourself be amazed by the imposing waterfall before relaxing with the current of the Victoria Nile as background music.
Villa en el nilo


Alone with the Nile

Get to know new meanings of the word ‘privacy’ by staying on an exclusive private island at the source of the Nile. Enjoy all the comforts and a calm only interrupted by the movement of the currents.

South Africa

Exploring the untamed beauty of South Africa

Crossing the skies above the Drakensberg mountain range before entering an exciting cycling circuit at 2000 meters above sea level. Visit the Richtersveld National Park and take to the waters of the Orange River in a unique rafting experience.
Ngorongoro crater


Conquer the Ngorongoro Crater with expert guides

Venture on a unique trekking route, accompanied by a naturalist guide and a ranger, to conquer the Ngorongoro Crater and enjoy a well-deserved picnic overlooking the Tanzanian plains.