Flying over impossible landscapes, swimming in inaccessible coves and caves or practicing the most exciting sports on the best tracks in the world is the dream of any traveler who lives for adventure. Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and put yourself to the test anywhere in the five continents.

Laos Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang at dawn

Watching the sun rise over the mountains surrounding Luang Prabang and witnessing the ceremony of delivering food to the Buddhist monks; the tak bat.
Camboya pueblo Khemr


Angkor by helicopter

Camboya puerta Angkor


Live like a local in the Khmer village

Feel part of Khmer, a small indigenous village, where you can collaborate with daily activities and chores such as harvesting rice paddies, weaving or learning how to prepare a typical lunch.
Myanmar Archipiélago Mergui


Diving in crystal clear waters of Mergui

Dive in the impressive Mergui archipelago, in crystal clear waters and accompanied by corals, whale sharks, manta rays or clown fish. Board a luxury catamaran and sail the Andaman Sea to meet the Moken tribes and their semi-nomadic lifestyle.
Vietnam mono douc


Protecting the black-footed douc monkeys

Myanmar Bagan


Bagan by bicycle, rickshaw and hot air balloon

A different way to get to know the Burmese city. Get lost in the city of Bagan in a different way by cycling, riding through its streets in a horse-drawn carriage or flying over it in a balloon with the lights of dawn.
Tibet-Nepal Himalaya

Tibet and Nepal

Exploring the skies of Pokhara

India Loepardo blanco


After the snow leopard

Follow the trail of the snow leopard and admire the beautiful mountain scenery of Ladakh, while chasing this majestic feline.
China Gran Muralla


Flying over the Great Wall from Beijing

Watch the Great Wall transform into an imposing stone dragon while flying over this wonder of the world by helicopter or having a private lunch in one of its defensive towers, with spectacular views of Beijing.
Filipinas volcán Taal


Taal Volcano, a spectacle of nature and fire

To be amazed when approaching, by helicopter, the Taal volcano, the most active and smallest volcano on the planet. Marvel at the rich geography and overflowing nature that surrounds its caldera and grows with its heat.
Comida Amankora, Butan


Breakfast on Mt. Jomolhari

Land at the base of Mount Jomolhari, Bhutan’s second highest mountain, after a morning helicopter ride and enjoy an exclusive breakfast with otherworldly views.
Malasia Kuala Lumpur


Fly your own airplane

Conquer the sky by taking the controls of an airplane, with the help and advice of a professional pilot. Flying towards the horizon while enjoying the colorful Malaysian landscape from the air.
EEUU Grand Canyon

United States

Epic adventures on land, at sea and in the air

Be amazed by the most iconic landscapes of the United States by land, sea or air. Drive luxury cars in Las Vegas, levitate in a hot air balloon over the Napa Valley, fly with a buggy ride over the desert dunes or dispel any doubts and fears when contemplating the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.
Costa Rica Pueblo indígena

Costa Rica

Cultural experience with tribal communities

Live a unique cultural immersion experience by spending a day with the Maleku or the Boruca, two of the oldest tribal communities in Costa Rica. Be welcomed in their remote villages with a guide, learn their stories, taste their food and let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of a drum while learning their traditional dances.
Costa Rica Surf

Costa Rica

Exclusive surfing in hidden paradises

Fulfill any surfer’s dream and live an epic heli-surfing adventure on the Pacific coast. With the help of a helicopter, access the most remote beaches and bays of the country to enjoy its incredible waves in a privileged natural environment.
Costa Rica Tiburones Martillo

Costa Rica

Conservation of hammerhead shark sanctuary

Join the work of the world’s first hammerhead shark sanctuary, in Golfo Dulce, and climb aboard a research vessel to help marine biologists track the elusive specimens. Name one of the sharks and follow in its footsteps throughout its life.
Guatemala Semuc Champey


Adventure in the Guatemalan jungle

Cross the dense Guatemalan jungle in an unstoppable 4×4 to reach the natural monument of Semuc Champey, spectacular tiered pools of turquoise waters. Take a refreshing swim before entering the nearby caves to discover their secrets by torchlight.
Guatemala paraje recóndto


Profound discovery

Reaching the most remote and remote areas of Guatemala, where only a lucky few have been able to go. Travel by foot or helicopter to the Mayan city of El Mirador, drive by jeep to Rio Azul and Hol Mul or camp next to the local communities of Alaska and Quiché.
Colombia Chicamocha


Adventure in the Chicamocha Canyon

One of the most impressive geographical features in the world, landing on its bed after a paragliding flight and overcoming the level 4 rapids in a raft. Enjoy the extraordinary views it offers and finish the adventure with an expedition to the coast for humpback whale watching with an expert guide.
Perú ceremonia naturaleza


Spiritual ceremony

Show our respect and admiration for the Inca culture by participating in a ceremony for the Apus, the spirits of the mountain, making offerings that will ensure a safe journey.
Perú Amazonas Biólogo


Amazon with a biologist

Crossing the threshold of the Amazon with a team of expert biologists to discover the secrets that this temple of nature still holds. Have the opportunity to find a new animal species and leave a legacy for posterity by naming it.
Sierra de la Laguna México


Pure Baja California

Get off the beaten path and explore the beauty of the Sierra La Laguna in southern Baja California, embarking on a journey of self-discovery that will conclude with a relaxing soak in the thermal pools of an authentic Mexican ranch.
México Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit


Discover Nayarit like a local

Discovering the more unknown side of the Riviera Nayarit and enjoying the natural beauty of Mexico’s tropical jungle through the eyes of a local, taking long horseback rides on the beach or ziplining across a valley become truly perfect experiences.
México Los cabos atardecer


Discover Los Cabos

Let yourself be surprised by the authentic taste of Mexico in Los Cabos, a paradise of tropical gardens that emerges between the blue of the sky and the intense turquoise of the Sea of Cortez. Get to know the immense treasures that the sea holds by diving under its waters or sailing over them in a private boat.