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Kontiki Expeditions expedición boutique
Experience a unique expedition aboard Kontiki Expeditions' boutique yacht and discover the natural wonders of Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
A meticulously designed event for our clients that became a window into the rich culture and diversity of Costa Rica.
Discover Costa Rica in a unique and exclusive way, from underground adventures and underwater relics to the most exclusive hotels, we tell you how.
In the digital age in which we live, work-life balance has become increasingly challenging. We often find ourselves immersed in the daily routine, dreaming of escaping to idyllic places that allow us, at the same time, to stay connected to our responsibilities. Fortunately, a solution already exists... Workation!
Reducing environmental impact should be on every traveler's wish list. At NUBA we look for those experiences that not only thrill, but also respect the environment. The good news is that it is possible. Read on, we reveal how you can transform the impact of your footprint into something constructive: