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Wild lands of lush snowy forests, high peaks, fjords and glaciers, large lakes of crystal clear water and the slopes with the best snow on the planet await the arrival of white sport lovers in the northern hemisphere destinations this winter. In the evening, its cozy alpine lodges will provide you with shelter and long chats in the warmth of the fireplace.

A ski trip can take many different forms, depending on the destination, level of skiing, accommodation, as well as who we are going to enjoy it with. Therefore, I would like to tell you about 4 trips and experiences that we have been able to enjoy in the company of our NUBA travelers. Each one with its own characteristics and anecdotes, but all with the common denominator of living a moment to remember for a lifetime.

Austrian Alps as a family

The regions of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg in the Austrian Alps represent the world cradle of modern alpine skiing.
The slender mountains of these regions with their valleys dotted with picturesque villages and crystal clear rivers make the Austrian Alps a must for any skiing enthusiast. There are many destinations and ski areas that offer us these alpine regions dedicated to mountain tourism; Sankt Anton am Alberg, Sölden, Zillertal, Kitzbühel or Ski Circus among many others.

Snowy mountain resort
Last winter we traveled with a three-generation family, choosing Kitzbühel as our main destination, as they wanted to explore different ski areas in one stay. This possibility in our trips had captivated them and even more, considering the good level of skiing that the whole family had.

After a direct flight to Munich, we were waiting for them for a subsequent 2-hour private transfer to Jorchberg, a small town just outside the bustling town of Kitzbühel, where they stayed in a spectacular lodge with direct access to the slopes.
For the skiing activity and as the main axis of the trip we put at your service two guides, so that each member of the family could improve their technique in a personalized way and at the same time enjoy all together.

Kaprun by night Skiers resting in a high mountain hut

Kitzbühel, a unique family experience
During the first days of skiing we enjoyed the multi-award winning Kitzbühel resort and its extensive domain extending over the provinces of Tyrol and Salburg. In the final part of the trip and at the request of the family, we made two “ski day trips” with private transfers, which were very enjoyable thanks to the discovery of new panoramic views and villages in the area.
On the one hand, we visited the resorts of Zell am See with its emblematic lake and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier with incredible views of the Salzburg region. On the other hand, and coinciding with the last day of skiing to Bramberg am Wildkogel, where we had the unique opportunity to discover the best panoramic view of the N. P. of Hohe Tauern. A unique family experience.

Skier sliding down snow-covered slopes Snowy slopes

Transcanada ski experience

To write a brief introduction about what Canada has to offer is literally impossible, for the simple fact of not being able to limit something infinite. The ski industry in Canada is simply “endless”, so the goal of this trip is to try to bring some of that magnitude closer to skiers.

It has been more than a decade since I made my first prospecting trip to Canada, which led to 6 years of exploration and has led me to design the Transcanadian experience.
Due to its enormous dimensions, there are several Transcanadians that we can do in Canada, but this time I want to tell you about the most traditional of them all.

Ski group on snowy slopes Skier on the snowy slopes

This is a 10-day road trip, departing from Calgary airport in Alberta to Revelstoke in British Columbia.
Once in the vehicle, heading for the Rockies, the real adventure begins. A unique journey through the “Trans Canada Trail” that winds through hundreds of forests, lakes and mountains.

Extreme skiing and natural beauty 
A journey to the best scenarios to enjoy our passion, through the four most emblematic ski resorts in Canada (Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse and Revelstoke) and their best kept secrets with expert guides.
On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to experience an exciting day of heliskiing and/or catskiing (both optional), the dream of any advanced skier. Ascend the most remote and wildest peaks in a helicopter or in a snow-plough adapted to transport people.
A different experience that will impress you with the dimensions of its natural beauty and where fun is guaranteed in its lively western Canadian towns. The alpine paradise with the best snow on the planet. 

Snow-covered trees

Skiing in the Norwegian Arctic

At the end of February the days in the Arctic begin to lengthen, ushering in the ski season, which lasts until mid-May. Therefore, at the beginning of March, when the sun shines more strongly and the thaw begins in the Alps, we move to the Arctic, in order to prolong the pure winter.

Skier in the Norwegian Alps

Norway is synonymous with northern lights, midnight sun, land of fjords, mountains, glaciers and national parks. It is also one of the last refuges for some of the most interesting wild species in Europe; whales, musk oxen, moose, reindeer or the white-tailed eagle. But, undoubtedly, and thanks to its latitude, what makes it different from others is that it has one of the best winter conditions for skiing.

Lake in the Norwegian Alps

There are two broad regions on which we focus our experiences. On one side Narvik – Lofoten Islands and further north Tromso-Lyngen Alps (the city of Tromso is and was the starting point for Arctic expeditions).
Both are located in the Nord-Norge region, north of the Arctic Circle. These unique communities in the midst of the wilderness offer an uninterrupted landscape of majestic mountains, deep fjords and islands emerging from the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea.

A great trip with professional guides to get to know this incredible region, overcoming all kinds of difficulties. The perfect setting for any backcountry skier.
When you climb dreamed summits and autonomously ski down to the seashore, you get an intense feeling of freedom. If we add this to the incredible pristine nature that surrounds us, accompanied by the silence broken by the passage of the group, the experience becomes the most authentic in the world of skiing.


Access on board a helicopter to remote places and summits of the best destinations in the world is one of the most exclusive experiences you can live in the world of skiing.
See these wonderful places from a bird’s eye view, descend through virgin snow again and again, surround yourself with professional guides and ski lovers, or sleep in lodges with all the comforts in the middle of nature.
I think a picture is worth a thousand words. I leave the rest to your imagination…

Heliski on Kamchatka Peninsula Russia

If you want to design your own experience, contact a NUBA designer.


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