Flying to 4 of the most spectacular destinations in Latin America

Last November 30 we enjoyed a fantastic event held at our NUBA Serrano office, together with LATAM Airlines. Latin America’s most recognized airline and NUBA, took all the guests to explore paths full of colors and flavorsThrough a gastronomic experience, all attendees were able to travel to four of LATAM Airlines’ star destinations: Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil, in addition to getting to know each of these wonderful countries in depth.


Among the otherworldly greenery of the thick Amazon, Peru is a land of magic and adventure that honors its history and its past in each of its forms. The centuries-old churches and colorful colonial houses of Cusco give way to nighttime Lima, unpredictable and host to an avant-garde gastronomy of international prestige. At the top, above the clouds themselves, rises the marvelous and enigmatic Machu Picchu.

llama in a meadow with archaeological site in Peru


A powerful energy invades the traveler who enters Chile for the first time, a pure and magnetic land that will never cease to surprise with its abrupt contrasts. From the imposing Andes mountain range, which guards it so jealously, to the most remote corner where the ice of Tierra del Fuego burns, this country is always unpredictable and essential.

Car in the Atacama Desert


With a privileged place in the center of the world, Ecuador’s history is that of its nature that grows in the shadow of the Cotopaxi volcano, its cities of riotous colors and its indigenous past that drinks from the customs of its ancestors. A country in which to travel through Amazon jungles and climb Andean mountains by day, relax on golden beaches at sunset, and share smiles in a Quechua village, or discover the new realities of Quito and Cuenca at dusk.

Mountain in Ecuador


To speak of this country is to speak of a land of magic, joy and music. A place as colorful as its macaws and toucans, and with an energy as thunderous as the Iguazu Falls themselves. With an explosive nature and a fervent cosmopolitan spirit, Brazil offers a range of worlds and realities to anyone who is willing to explore it and get to know its true face.

View of Morro dos Dois Irmão

Discover these and many other countries like never before, start designing your tailor-made trip with NUBA.

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