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Top Combinations for your honeymoon in 2024

The honeymoon is the moment when the magic begins... When you hold hands and take the first step towards a life in which you will travel the world together.

The honeymoon is the time to start forging unforgettable memories and celebrating love in truly unforgettable destinations.

For 2024, we present exclusive combinations that perfectly integrate luxury, adventure and romance. From exciting safaris in Kenya to fascinating underwater expeditions in Indonesia, from the natural beauty of Canada to the wonderful authenticity of Puglia… The collection of experiences is infinite.

Do you want to know the destinations with which to combine them? Join us for the top honeymoon travel deals 2024!

Kenya and Seychelles: Safari and Dream Beaches

Live a unique experience in Africa that fuses the majesty of nature with exclusive luxury.

Start your journey with private horseback safari days in the breathtaking surroundings of Laikipia. From there, you will take off on an exciting helicopter safari to the dazzling Lake Turkana, making strategic stops to admire the amazing rock formations of the Suguta Valley and marvel at the huge flocks of pink flamingos that live in its waters.

After a night in the north of the country, the trip will continue with fascinating flights over the imposing Ndoto Mountains and the Mathews Range. Samburu National Reserve will be the setting to bid farewell to the country, with a short scenic flight, allowing you to spot the rare Grevy’s zebra. Landing on the sacred mountain Ol Donyo Sabachi (Ol Lolokwe), which rises 1,000 m above the surrounding plains, will be the prelude to a sunset hike to Sundowner Rock, where you will enjoy 360° panoramic views of the Mathews Range.

To conclude your honeymoon, relax and enjoy a few days of sun and beach on a private island in Seychelles. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings, letting the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches be the perfect backdrop to close this unforgettable luxury experience on a high note.

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Komodo & Bali: Diving and Underwater Adventures

Explore the wonderful underwater jewel of Komodo in Indonesia, immersing yourself in a unique experience aboard a luxury sailboat.

This spectacular voyage offers exclusive access to the pristine reefs and marine biodiversity that make Komodo one of the most outstanding diving destinations in the world. The yacht is also equipped with state-of-the-art diving equipment, giving you endless opportunities to explore the underwater realm, whether snorkeling, swimming with manta rays or enjoying activities such as kayaking and paddle-boarding all day long.

Amandira, velero Indonesia

Accompanied by two private chefs, an expert dive master and a highly qualified spa therapist, all will be dedicated to providing personalized and exclusive service, ensuring an unforgettable experience. From tracking and photographing the legendary Komodo dragon in its UNESCO-protected homeland to diving the world’s most acclaimed underwater sites, Komodo National Park and the Nusa Tenggara archipelago will envelop you in true wonders of natural beauty.

Combine this unique experience with the serenity of Bali and discover the island’s rich culture, idyllic beaches and breathtaking scenery, adding an extra touch of charm to your adventure of luxury and nature.

Canada and French Polynesia: From Nature to Exclusivity

Vancouver, Western Canada, will become the gateway to a unique honeymoon. From the very first moment, you will discover the rich gastronomic culture of the city, where culinary exquisiteness reaches its peak with a private experience in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred chef. Explore the region’s vibrant capital, Victoria, with a private flight to the island.

The adventure continues with a touch of excitement as you enjoy an unforgettable mountaintop picnic in Whistler, a unique ski resort in the world. Experience the exclusivity of being transported in a private helicopter, offering breathtaking views and privileged access. Conclude your Canadian experience by enjoying the unique opportunity to observe grizzly bears in their natural environment, guided by a private expert who will give you a fascinating insight into the local wildlife.

Finally, end this dream trip at The Brando, one of the most exclusive and secluded accommodations in the world, located on the paradisiacal beaches of French Polynesia. Enter the serenity and beauty of this tropical paradise, where luxury meets nature in an incomparable setting.

Italy and Greece: Mediterranean charm

Delve into the pure essence of the Mediterranean by exploring the fascinating region of Puglia. Discover a unique philosophy that fuses warm southern accents with the influences of the sea, creating an enclave where the Italians themselves bring the beaches and terraces to life during the sunny season.

In the heart of the “heel of the boot”, Puglia reveals itself as a well-kept secret, a territory that oscillates between rurality and the sea, between authentic flavors and fresh fish, and between the sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea and the rugged coast of the Adriatic. This microcosm is brimming with peculiarities and, above all, authenticity.

Combine this unforgettable experience with a sailing trip among the Cyclades islands in Greece, discovering the unique beauty of this Mediterranean paradise. Discover white houses and blue domes that contrast with the sky and turquoise sea. From lively Mykonos to serene Santorini, each island offers its own charming personality and cultural treasures. An odyssey full of charm, authenticity and unforgettable moments, where the essence of the Mediterranean unfolds in every corner.

Honeymoon with NUBA

With NUBA, every moment becomes a celebration of love at its best. Get ready to live moments that will last forever in the memory of your new life together, as you explore the magic of two extraordinary destinations that will leave you with indelible memories.


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The honeymoon is that moment when the magic begins, when you take each other's hand and take the first step towards a life in which you will know the world together.

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