The base of the square on the canvas of a painting marks the limits of art that can be exceeded. It signifies complete balance, proportion and stability of art that endures through the centuries.

“The work of art is a cry for freedom” Christo Javacheff wrote in order to poetically embody

the capacity of art as a tool to connect us with the world.

Shapes by NUBA creates a new look, conceived exclusively as an intersection of diverse artistic disciplines; a shared journey through unique experiences where we explore the emotions of our travelers. These art journeys redefine luxury and nourish our spirit, revealing perspectives and corners unexplored, until then, in our imagination.

The work of art is a cry for freedom

Fundacion Montenmedio James Turell experiencia

Turell in motion

Located at the NMAC Montemedio Foundation, this experience offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of art and contemplation. Starting with the work Second Wind by the revolutionary James Turrell, we will be able to appreciate the magnificent spatial vision of the emblematic artist and enter a space marked by sensations, light and color. This masterpiece will also serve as the stage for a contemporary dance performance created exclusively for NUBA by choreographer Mar Aguiló.

Citricos Experiencia

The crossing of the senses

The Todolí Citrus Fundació de la Comunidad Valenciana is a non-profit organization created for the study and dissemination of citrus fruits and citriculture. During the experience, we will be able to privately visit the foundation’s botanical orchard and enjoy a tasting of its citrus fruits, picked on the spot. The creator of the foundation, Vicente Todolí, and the renowned landscape artist Eduardo Barbá will then lead a discussion on the place of citrus fruits in the history of art.

Thyssen pantone visita Shaoes by NUBA

Thyssen through the pantonera

We redefine artistic contemplation. This proposal, of a conceptual elegance, invites visitors to choose a color from an exclusive palette, guiding their journey through the collection through that shade. It is a chromatic immersion that transforms the visit into an intimate dialogue between the viewer and the work, where each color reveals a unique narrative. This visual adventure, enriched by the knowledge of the original pigments, is not just a visit, but an aesthetic and emotional experience that reaffirms the Thyssen as a pioneer in the fusion of art with unique sensory experiences.

Art Experience

Our Art Experts

Carmen Huerta, Beatriz Villaroya and Carmen Ballesta expand their view of art through the 7 artistic disciplines and their interconnections through their worldwide network of contacts in the cultural and industry sectors of the arts, luxury and fashion.

“For silent and courageous travelers, eager to let themselves be carried away by creation and artistic appreciation; willing to transcend the limits of everyday reality and delve into the depths of the soul.”

Silent and courageous travelers

Museo Thyssen Shapes by NUBA
Expertos Arte NUBA

Art, the solidity of the square as a blank canvas

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