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Spain has always been a country made for art, either as a refuge or as an inspiration. Its exceptional legacy spans centuries of history and represents an essential part of Europe's cultural heritage. From the baroque Velázquez to the groundbreaking Dalí, Spanish art is an invitation to explore new dimensions of beauty, passion and expression. And, from them, new visions of the world, of our creative essence.

A trip dedicated to art allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of paintings, sculptures and other manifestations to get to know the culture and personality of the destination in a different and fresh way.

Spain has a large number of renowned museums and galleries, which house some of the most important pictorial and artistic collections in the world. Beyond international references such as the Prado Museum in Madrid or the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, each region of the country has its own artistic wealth, as particular and unique as it is interesting. Cities such as Toledo, Granada, Bilbao and Valencia are examples of the diversity of Spanish art.

Exploring the homes and workshops of artists and artisans, visiting the places that inspired the great creations of yesteryear and learning the secrets of the great artistic movements are just some of the experiences that await true art lovers. The most important fairs, private collections and exclusive events of Spanish art open their doors to share the roots of tradition and passion.

At the table like a marquis

Privatizing the Royal Court

Spain has dozens of palace complexes and castles, former refuge of the country’s most refined royalty and nobility. We offer the possibility of visiting, in private and in the company of an expert, the great ducal palaces of the country to admire their architecture and the works of art and antiques that populate their rooms, letting their galleries and halls transport us to another era.

Chillida and his legacy

Eduardo Chillida was one of the great sculptors and engravers of reference in Spain, famous for his works in iron and concrete in the open air and heir to the tradition practiced by other geniuses such as Julio González or Picasso. The Chillida Leku Museum, in Guipúzcoa, is an open-air complex where you can admire, in private, the great work of Chillida while getting to know his figure and the weight he has had in recent national art.

Visit the SOLO collection

As the last great secret of Madrid’s Puerta de Alcalá, the SOLO Museum is a space dedicated to contemporary art that acts as a platform and loudspeaker to showcase the latest trends and names on the Spanish cultural scene. Visiting its more than 1,400m2 is a journey through the most innovative proposals of figurative art, contemporary sculpture, pop surrealism or other more recent trends, such as artificial intelligence.

Private workshop at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Getting to know the backstage of a museum is an exclusive and surprising experience that allows us to broaden our vision and knowledge of art by seeing the work that hides behind the works that hang in the national art galleries. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has one of the most cutting-edge restoration workshops in the country, which can be visited behind closed doors to discover its studios, the team of experts who work in them and the complex restoration and cleaning techniques they put into practice in their daily work.

Thyssen: legacy and art

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Spain.

Immersion in the López de la Serna Collection

The López de la Serna Contemporary Art Center in Madrid is a space focused on creating collaborations with national and international artists and studios, as well as private collections. Designed to offer an immersive artistic experience from the moment you first contemplate its exterior, visiting it means getting close to the most important works of today.

Avant-garde and innovation in art