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Dominican Republic, the beautiful island of the Caribbean

From its spectacular white sand beaches and turquoise waters, to its incredible golf courses, to its great natural and cultural wealth, the Dominican Republic is undoubtedly one of the most important and diverse destinations in the Caribbean.

The country offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable vacationswhere we can enjoy the calm and tranquility of its beaches, get lost in the vegetation until we come across ancient Taino ruins The city is full of history, you can savor the contrasts of its gastronomy, marvel at the beauty of its natural parks, dance to the rhythm of merengue until dawn or enjoy exciting water sports and golf games in exclusive clubs.

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Paradise found
Discover an oasis of luxury and exclusivity in the heart of the Dominican jungle.
This privileged hideaway has one of the best beaches in the country, ideal for water sports, and an impressive golf course that stretches along majestic cliffs. Wake up every morning surrounded by lush vegetation and enjoy the serenity of this Caribbean paradise.

front view with swimming pool of the Amanera Hotel

An authentic Dominican rum distillery
Live an immersive experience in a rum master class where we will learn, from real experts, all about the production processes of this emblematic beverage; from aging to elaboration and packaging, while discovering its fascinating history and evolution.
To complete this experience, we will also enjoy a perfect pairing with the best cigars of the island, immersing ourselves in a unique combination of flavors and aromas.

bottle and glass of Dominican rum cigar rolling hands

Private villa with concierge in the Caribbean
Recover your body’s overall wellness through a disconnecting experience in an exclusive private villa with minimalist style, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Here, we will have the opportunity to forget the world, forget about everything and relax while enjoying unforgettable sunsets or dinners under a sky full of stars.
Enjoy personalized services and attention from a concierge who will make your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

Aerial view of Playa Grande Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic awaits with a wide variety of exclusive experiences for the most discerning travelers; from immersing yourself in the luxury and natural beauty of a jungle paradise, exploring a Dominican rum distillery, to relaxing in a private villa facing the Caribbean Sea, this country will surprise and captivate you. 

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From its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, to its incredible golf courses, to its natural and cultural richness, the Dominican Republic is one of the most diverse destinations in the Caribbean.