The strength of the number 3 forms the structure of the triangle shape. Smell, taste and sight form a perfect harmony in the balance of flavors and smells with an innovative and perfect aesthetic.

Gastronomy Shapes by NUBA

Gastronomy offers us the ability to explore the world through its flavors and appreciate the nuances that make each space unique.

Shapes by NUBA, in its commitment to leave an indelible mark on our customers and together with the greatest national experts, manages to transcend what can be served on a plate or in a glass and manages to narrate a journey that begins in the countryside, the garden or the sea, and culminates in a show of flavors and textures.

A spectacle of flavors and textures

Cenador de Amos Shapes by NUBA

The heart of Amos

Jesús Sánchez is a renowned Spanish chef with three Michelin Stars and four Repsol Suns. Located in a small town in Cantabria, is its restaurant, Cenador de Amós, where we will discover the Spanish culture and cuisine through a contemporary proposal of the highest quality. We will get to know their products and their producers, having the unique opportunity to accompany them in the preparation of the exclusive menu.

Macán Winery

Take a unique tour of the Macán Winery, conceived by two outstanding icons of the wine world: Tempos Vega Sicilia and Compañía Vinícola Barón Edmond de Rothschild. In 2017, these distinguished families joined forces with their characteristic discretion, giving life to these wineries with highly valued labels and wines designed for the exclusive enjoyment of their facilities. After the private visit, we will have the opportunity to participate in a special tasting, where we will taste selected labels uncorked exclusively for NUBA.

La Almadraba Andalucia

La Almadraba

Enjoy a boat trip to live a day of fishing in the Almadraba. This ancient tuna fishing technique, carried out in southern Spain, is one of the most sustainable and spectacular in the world. The experience culminates with a tuna ronqueo course -a meticulous process of cutting all the pieces for maximum utilization and consumption- and a tasting.

Gastronomy Shapes by NUBA

Our Gastronomy Experts

Alejandra Ansón and Miguel Bonet are passionate about food and business. During these years they have participated in many success stories that have given them the keys to succeed in the vast universe of Food & Wine.

“In Spain we are immensely fortunate to be able to discover our culture and our traditions through the powerful gastronomic range that is developed in the peninsula, both around a table and in our seas and fields.”

Gastronomic range

Anson y Bonet Shapes by NUBA

Gastronomy, the balance of the triangle in a single bite

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Shapes by NUBA

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