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Life-changing travel experiences

The new trends depict adventurers with a young and free spirit who do not want to miss anything. They want to see everything, they want to feel everything. They love sports as much as they love taking care of the planet. They care about what they eat, meditation, yoga or wellness. They want to overcoming barriers to reach new challenges on each trip.

It’s time to travel outside and inside yourself, because the shortest way to find yourself goes around the world and the journey never ends… Something will changes forever in our lives.

NUBA Solidarity Trips


Getaways committed to others that will undoubtedly make a transformation in that traveler who puts his hands and his passion to help the world.

NUBA Trips of Personal Improvement and Sports

Self improvement

Through sport, you will reach your own limits practicing activities such as trekking, diving or skiing in unlikely places.

NUBA Spirituals Travels and Connecting Experiences

Spiritual and Connection

A mystical trip and connection to the interior of oneself. Disconnect to reconnect. A transformative experience that will change your life forever.

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