The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Maldives: Where Time Stands Still

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean is The Nautilus Maldives, a luxury sanctuary that redefines the private Maldivian experience.

With only 26 exclusive residences, this bohemian retreat offers a highly personalized and exceptionally private experience, transforming each day into a blank canvas ready to be covered with unforgettable memories and adventures.

Located in the heart of Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, The Nautilus Maldives is surrounded by white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, and is committed to preserving these natural treasures. With its unique vision of “whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want”, this paradise where time stands still becomes the setting for a story of disconnection, where the freedom to live without temporal restrictions is the norm.

Here, you will feel that the island is just for you. Welcome to a world tailored to your needs!

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Exploring Marine Wonders: Mantas Dance and Guided Snorkeling

In the waters of Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO protected region, we will immerse ourselves in the majestic dance of the manta rays.

This natural paradise, between May and November, reveals an aquatic universe full of marine fauna and flora. Guided by marine biologists, we will explore the underwater wonders of the Maldives through snorkeling and diving experiences, witnessing a unique spectacle in the world.

Located just 15 minutes by boat from the best spot to observe these animals in Hanifaru Bay, we will have the opportunity to witness them dancing a few meters below our feet, in a unique encounter with these wonderful creatures.

Cinema Under the Stars: Dinner and Movie under the Maldivian Sky

Imagine for a second your own private screening, on a remote sandbank, under a starry sky that will become the intimate and exclusive setting for a personalized dinner and a movie of your choice.

In the evening, with the last lights of the sun melting into the horizon, we will enjoy an exquisite dinner under the stars, while a movie is projected in the soft darkness of the Maldivian night. From a timeless classic to the latest release, all accompanied by your favorite gourmet selections. A true feast for the senses under the magnificence of the stars.

Cine bajo las estrellas en Maldivas

The Nautilus After Dark: Nights of Wonders and Adventures

With The Nautilus’ 24/7 concept, where there are no time restrictions, the place is transformed into a realm of nocturnal wonders. When the sun bids farewell, the island awakens with exclusive activities that make the most of the serenity of the night; experiences designed to captivate our senses and offer us magical moments under the canopy of a million stars.

The illuminated walks at night invite us to discover the magic of the island, walking barefoot on the soft sand under the moonlight. The nocturnal aquatic adventures immerse us in a completely new world in which to discover, accompanied by expert instructors, a marine life that appears after sunset. And, for a relaxing evening, we will have the opportunity to experience yoga and meditation sessions by the sea, connecting with nature like never before.

Family Activities: Sharing Unique Moments

On the warm shores of the island, the importance of family moments comes to life, transforming this retreat into a home away from home. The beachfront residence stands as a cozy corner, where each space breathes the essence of family unity fused with the beauty of an exotic destination. Each meal, activity and program will be tailored to each family member.

With exciting dolphin-sighting expeditions and countless adventures, every day becomes a shared experience to be remembered for a lifetime. This personalized Maldivian hideaway combines the magic of a dream destination with the comfort of home. Here, families create memories that last generation after generation, from sunset picnics to exciting excursions to discover secret lagoons and islands.

Contact a NUBA designer and embark on a tailor-made trip to the Maldives, where freedom is the true form of luxury.

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