The ‘natural must-sees’ in Peru

A genuine natural paradise, one of the most privileged countries in the world for its heritage, millenary heritage, biodiversity, natural wealth, endemic species and virgin landscapes still unexplored. …. Crossed vertically by the Andes mountain range, it offers its majestic mountains, its kilometer-long coastline and its impenetrable jungle.

The contact with nature and history is constant, at every step, in every corner… a real magnet for adventure lovers and a challenge for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

We present a selection of the ‘natural must-sees’ and the most unknown to enjoy the perfect combination ofAdventure & Sport in Peru:

Choquequirao trek
The true lost and lesser known city of the Incas, the placid and impressive silence of its ruins. An encounter with the most mysterious historical past. The landscape is powerful. From inter-Andean valleys, canyons up to 2000 meters and rural settlements, to the vitality of jungle and subtropical Andean vegetation.

Sighting of the condor flight in Colca
La In the Colca Canyon, considered the deepest in the world with more than 4,000 meters deep. It is surrounded by beautiful valleys full of wildlife and hidden villages that still maintain their ancestral customs. Early in the morning or at dusk, the lords and masters of the canyon use the thermal currents to soar with a perfect glide over the canyon walls where they have their nests. Silence, fresh air and the majestic flight of the condor.

Avistamiento del vuelo cóndor en Colca
Route through the Lares Valley
A fascinating tour to learn about the life and culture of small Andean communities that still maintain ancient farming techniques, llama herding and their traditional colorful textiles. Winding and quiet trails will allow us to enjoy mountainous landscapes and green valleys with herds of grazing alpacas and llamas, turquoise lagoons, natural hot springs and Inca remains. We will also be able to taste the traditional and ecological cuisine based on corn, potatoes, potatoes and guinea pig meat.

Ruta por el valle de Lares
Rafting on the Urubamba River
A river considered by the Incas as ‘a sacred reflection of the Milky Way’ and which bathes the foothills of the mountains around Machu Picchu. A descent adorned with impressive expanses of lush jungle where hundreds of native species hide. Fast and flowing that will delight thrill-seekers. The adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Rafting en el río Urubamba Peruvian Amazon Cruise
In the Loreto region, which wisely combines the biodiversity and charisma of the Peruvian jungle. A cruise on an exclusive ‘floating hotel’ by Aqua Expeditions. Accompanied by expert naturalist guides, we will travel through the most remote and mysterious areas of the Peruvian jungle. We will be able to closely observe native fauna such as gray river dolphins, caimans, sloths, parrots, macaws, long-billed swallows, blackbirds, black-necked hawks, tropical songbirds, friar monkeys, a variety of toads and bats, among hundreds of other exotic species.

Crucero por la Amazonia PeruanaDiving in Paracas
A natural reserve of unparalleled beauty located in the most deserted area of the Peruvian coast and with virgin beaches full of life: guano birds, sea lions and the peculiar Humboldt penguins. These beautiful waters The Paracas is home to an incomparable marine paradise for diving enthusiasts, a spectacle that deserves to be seen directly from the depths and mysteries of the underwater world of Paracas.

Buceo en Paracas

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