One of the best hotels in Mexico

What is it about the Riviera Maya that every year continues to be a must-visit paradise getaway?

Its natural wealth, turquoise blue seas, endless beaches and the magic bequeathed by the Mayas, have been attracting more and more exponents of luxury to this territory, which has gradually become a place where the latest trends converge.

And located on one of the most exclusive beaches of Punta Nizuc, famous for its incredible coral reefs, stands NIZUC Resort & Spa, an exclusive hotel with a unique and modernist character, which has been awarded as one of the most spectacular in all of Mexico.

NIZUC Resort & Spa
A paradise of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and lush tropical jungle, where the surrounding nature blends in subtle harmony with the 274 private villas and suites overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

An almost endless number of aquatic experiences await travelers, which can be enjoyed from the sandy beach to the spectacular open sea. Zayak -a different and novel way to enjoy the marine environment-, kayak, paddle, snorkel or take a private yacht ride are just some of the activities offered by this dream place.

spa with sea view

The unbeatable location of this exclusive lodging allows the team to take the experiences offered here to new and higher levels.

Thus, in addition to the above, we will have the opportunity to enjoy all those activities that we can imagine, such as yoga classes, sushi masterclass, romantic candlelight dinners, or undertake trips around the area with which to immerse yourself in the culture, flavors and aromas that surround us.

women doing yoga on surfboards

A real treasure is hidden behind the doors of NIZUC, a sanctuary of rest that, for many travelers, has become a destination in itself; a place that combines luxury and comfort, where we will experience absolute tranquility, in the first Spa in the Mexican Caribbean of the renowned British brand ESPA.

This oasis dedicated to wellness has one of the best treatments to purify body and soul, Experience of the 4 elements, a holistic therapy that combines the Mayan tradition with a hydrothermal experience, which will take us to a state of maximum relaxation in a unique environment.

hydrothermal experience at Nizuc spa

NIZUC Food & Wine
A unique selection of three exclusive bars and six iconic world-class restaurants will invite us to embark on a gastronomic journey through various regions of the world through their cuisine, accompanied by an international team that will make us live sensory experiences of the highest level.

table with food dishes from different countries

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