NUBA exclusively presents its new 2023 Catalogue

NUBA, a pioneer in the design of personalized, exclusive and tailor-made experiences and services for the 5 continents, has presented in Madrid, with Pedro Domínguez, NUBA’s CEO, its new 2023 Catalog.

Chile, Kenya, Qatar, Maldives or French Polynesia are some of the most exclusive destinations for this new year, in which the trend will be the great trips based on sustainability, wellness, art or culture, among others.

Pedro Dominguez en la presentación a prensa de NUBA

The company has unveiled, exclusively, the new NUBA Travel Collection 2023 and the setting chosen to celebrate this day was the historic Santoña Palacelocated in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras, a jewel of eighteenth-century architecture, which perfectly combines the dazzling work of Bourbon courtly Madrid with exoticism and oriental art.

The elegant and exclusive decoration of its elegant and exclusive lounges inspired by the five trending destinations This year’s winners – French Polynesia, Qatar, Maldives, Kenya and Chile – transported the guests, a small number of people composed of the company’s best customers, collaborators and friends, to these corners of the world. There they were able to discover firsthand the new experiences that await each of them.

Sala Polinesia Francesa

Follow the whale sharks to the the Arabian Gulf and admire its elegant underwater dance from a private yacht; learn about the work of preservation of the ecosystem conducted by the Ruahatu Lagoon sanctuary, where you learn the secrets of the grafting process and coral replanting together with a marine biologist; curbing elephant poaching together with the rangers of the Mara Elephant Project; or experience the rugged beauty of the Chilean Patagonia in a luxurious lodge lost in the middle of natureare just some of the new experiences NUBA travelers will have the opportunity to live this year.

Sala Kenia

Alessandra Girardi, Product Manager at NUBA, had the opportunity to introduce the new travel trends in the luxury sector for 2023, where he highlighted the interest on the part of travelers to find more unknown destinations, capable of offering unique experiences beyond the conventional, such as dive to see the Titanic before it disappears, flying over the North Pole by airship, travel to space, o staying in futuristic capsules in one of the most remote places on the planet, in Antarctica.

Sala Maldivas

The firm, which has almost 30 years of 30 years of experienceis stronger and more confident than ever, and after achieving its goal of consolidating its position as the leading agency in the leading agency in the luxury segment for the Spanish-speaking market thanks to its internationalization in Mexico and the U.S., it is preparing to continue expanding its market in other LATAM countries such as Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay and Panama. The company will also continue to expand its sales network with the opening of new flagship stores throughout the country, such as those in Valencia y Barcelona that will open their doors in the coming months.

Partners catálogo NUBA

NUBA has counted for this special occasion with the collaboration of Chile Travel, IBERIA, Nayara Resorts, The Singular Hotels, Hotel AWA, Visit Qatar, Soneva y Conrad Bora Bora Nui.

Thank you all for joining us on such a special day!


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