NUBA ART opens the doors of Mateo Maté’s studio

NUBA Art, focused on the creation of specialized trips and experiences around the contemporary art and culture, has organized an exclusive event for a select group of guests, who had the opportunity to see, first hand, the private collection located in the home-studio of the renowned artist Mateo Maté.

The event, created in collaboration with Huntress of Art -the independent art consultancy for major Spanish architectural firms, private and corporate clients, led by Sara Zaldivar-was a private meeting for some of NUBA’s most important customers, real customers of art loversin which the renowned artist opened the doors of his home to offer a private view to its collection and even a small preview to what will be his next artistic project.

Escultura Mateo Maté

Upon arrival, attendees had the opportunity to enter Mateo Maté’s studio, located inside his own home; a long corridor divides the spectacular space between the artist’s private residence and his workplace.

The works of art and contemporary art are perfectly integrated throughout the house, and one of the most important features of the house is that it is The author’s hallmark is his self-described “.domestic nationalism“, with which he combines elements of everyday life with art -resulting in such interesting pieces as a dining table with the silhouette of Europe or a curious stove in the shape of Spain, among many others-.

After a unique tour of the studio, led by Maté, who masterfully explained his works to the small group of guests, they were fortunate enough to also visit the artist’s residence, a great work of art in itself.

Nacionalismo domestico Mateo Maté

Once the visit was over, there was still one last surprise for our customersThe fact is that in the main room of the studio area awaited a experience unique combination of some of the most appreciated elements of our company. gastronomy -the ham and the wine – with the world of art.

In a exclusive tasting of the hand of the Emilio Moro WineryThe attendees were able to enjoy some of the firm’s best wines, as well as learn about its history full of “good work” and tradition; all of this accompanied by a ham tasting offered by Lucas House and cut by Florencio Sanchidrián -recognized as the best international Ham Slicer and designated World Ambassador of Iberian Ham by the International Academy of Gastronomy- who showed us with his mastery that every discipline, taken to excellence, is an art in itself.

Cata de vinos privada en casa de Mateo Maté

NUBA ART specializes in offering exclusive experiences in art galleries and cultural institutions of national and international scope, as well as getting to know the most important private collections of the current panorama and putting art lovers in contact with their favorite artists, thus creating a perfect combination between art and luxury.

If you are also passionate about art, discover NUBA ART!


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