Experiences in which to challenge limits through sport

Travel has the power to transform us. They push us to fly, to feel, to want to understand the unknown… And sometimes they are capable of changing the course of our lives forever. For all these reasons, we would like to introduce you to our collection of overcoming trips, exclusive experiences focused on personal development, in which, through sport, travelers will have the opportunity to reach and overcome their own limits. By practicing activities such as trekking, diving or skiing in unlikely places, each adventure will become a greater challenge to accomplish and a unique story to tell.

Himalayan trekking in Nepal
A hidden gem at the base of the Mardi Himal and the impressive Machapuchare await us, on a trail that winds through winding paths and magical forests up to 3,300 meters high.

Trekking por el Himalaya en Nepal

Night ascent of the Acatenango Volcano
Let yourself be seduced by one of the most impressive panoramic views of Guatemala, a golden sunrise at almost 4,000 meters above sea level that greets us after the ascent to the summit; the glow of the lava of the still active Fuego Volcano will accompany and surprise us along the way.

Choquequirao Trek
Discover the Choquequirao Archaeological Complex, an Inca citadel similar to Machu Picchu, but much more unknown …. A place that can only be accessed on foot, although Nuba organizes a private trekking with cooks, showers and all the comforts.

Slow down in Ladakh
Soak up the culture and tradition of India in Ladakh, the highest region of the country, on a cycling adventure, descending its endless valleys and mountains, and appreciating the ancient monasteries that dot the landscape.

Mongolia on Horseback
Embark on a challenging trek through the steep hills of Khoridal Saridag, on the back of Mongolian horses, legendary for their endurance and ability to traverse and master the most difficult terrain.

Mongolia a Caballo

Skiing in the Norwegian Arctic or in the Alps
Enjoy ski touring or ski mountaineering, with vertiginous ascents and descents with the only help of skis and our strength, without any mechanical propulsion. A sport that implies challenge and personal improvement.

Canadian Northwest Passage Ultra Marathon
It is the northernmost marathon in Canada and the only one in the Nunavut region. A 42 km race over the tundra of the high Arctic, offering the chance to see spectacular Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, Arctic foxes and to move on snowmobiles through this lonely landscape.

Ultra maratón de Paso Noroeste canadiense

Extreme diving under the ice of the Arctic Circle or in the Antarctic.
One of the most demanding experiences in the world. Diving in sub-zero temperatures next to icebergs, with blocks of ice that are constantly moving, entering narrow tunnels of frozen water, exploring sunken ships… In the Arctic, the spectacle and the risk take on another dimension.

Extreme diving under the ice of the Arctic Circle or in the Antarctic.

Mars Analog Missions
Be part of the small number of people who will change your life and the course of humanity forever. A journey of learning, growth and encounter with oneself, a premium experience with scientific rigor and endorsement, where our intervention will serve to test new technologies and develop research with scientific organizations and academic authorities. At every step, every completed mission, every discovery, we will be aware that we are being protagonists in the construction of a new type of society on Mars.

Misiones análogas a Marte

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