An out-of-the-ordinary honeymoon

Faraway places, exotic lands, eternal cities or lost corners… Nothing is written when it comes to this great journey. It is the celebration of the beginning of a new stage and the start of a journey to discover the world together. For all these reasons, NUBA has prepared 4 out-of-the-ordinary experiences for an unforgettable honeymoon. Sleeping in an exclusive palace in the heart of Rome, staying in a luxurious retreat in the heart of the South African jungle, enjoying an elegant villa on the most private island in the world or flying over the towering glaciers of Canada will make this new adventure a memory to cherish forever.

Sleep like a Pope in Rome
In the heart of Rome, overlooking Piazza Navona, stands a luxurious palace that invites us to immerse ourselves in the history of the eternal city. A dream of timelessness and beauty that is presented in the most absolute intimacy, adorned with the spectacular baroque frescoes that cover its walls. Staying in this palazzo, where epochs seem to converge and disappear at the same time, delights anyone who seeks to delve into the true Italian essence, to discover also the intriguing story of forbidden love that witnessed its ancient walls.

Dormir como un Papa en Roma

A tree house wrapped in luxury
Between the earth and the sky – specifically, 12 meters above the ground – we find an exclusive retreat, a unique tree house that rises above the spectacular Ngala nature reserve, in the heart of the South African rainforest. Equipped with all the comforts we could imagine, it offers us the opportunity to observe nature in its purest state and to contemplate one of the most impressive sunsets on the planet. Whether toasting the sunrise or dining under a true starry blanket, the romance, adventure and magic of Africa envelops us in this luxurious private retreat, where we enjoy the utmost intimacy.

Una casa del árbol envuelta en lujo

The most private island in the world
An elegant villa, located on a paradisiacal private island in the Caribbean Sea, opens its doors to discover this incomparable enclave surrounded by coral reefs, vegetation and immaculate white sand. Huge windows, which open to the ocean, present a whirlwind of turquoise and aquamarine lagoons and an infinity pool accompanies the view until it is lost in the great barrier reef that makes up the horizon; brushstrokes that trace the landscape of this idyllic accommodation. Intimacy, exclusivity and comfort await us in one of the most beautiful natural corners of the earth.

La isla más privada del mundo

Flying over Canada’s glaciers
A range of intense greens, blues and whites spreads out beneath our feet in a fascinating flight over Canada’s most spectacular landscapes. Aboard a helicopter, we discover immense glaciers and vertiginous waterfalls, which guide us through the immensity of nature to reach impressive peaks of more than 3,000 meters, to finish enjoying a picnic on top of one of them. A unique and unforgettable adventure, as impressive as the natural environment that we discover, from a bird’s eye view, in all its splendor.

Sobrevolar los glaciares de Canadá

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