Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

A philosophy of life

Part of the essence that characterizes us is the commitment and respect we feel towards the places we visit and the communities we meet there. A commitment that we strengthen year after year with the development of social initiatives and exciting CSR projects that promote sustainable and impactful tourism.

Nature is the greatest of our treasures. Having the opportunity to get to know it in a respectful way and preserve it, is the goal we have set ourselves and which we carry out in collaboration with various organizations.

NUBA Forest

Together with TreeNation we have created a global forest that will grow with each trip, event or incentive and will counteract CO2 emissions by supporting the social growth of the local communities responsible for planting and caring for the trees.

Our first step was the planting of 700 trees in Kenya (Mount Kenya Trust). Once this objective was achieved, we moved to the American continent to gradually plant 1200 trees at Protect Amazonian Biodiversity in Peru.

Born to learn

In Tanzania, together with the organisation Born to Learn, we seek to help the country’s most vulnerable communities by ensuring equal access to education as a means to improve living conditions and future development.

David Sheldrick Orphanage

We care for Solio and Suswa, one rhino and one elephant we adopted from the David Sheldrick Orphanage.


NUBA seeks to be involved not only in the places where it is present, but also in the lives of the people who live there and who share it with us and our travelers. That is why we support local communities, helping their social and economic development thanks to Wanawake.

With the wind in our favor, we continue the journey towards the horizon with new dreams and challenges.

The World is Waiting…

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